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From Yin & Vinyasa to Hot & Buti Yoga we offer a wide variety of classes to suit your needs. We also have sound-bathing classes.

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Before I started coaching with Megan, I really wanted more control & organization in my work, personal, & Social life. Since starting the coaching, I feel I can prioritize the different aspects of my life & feel good about my choices.

Developing my Daily Method of Operation (DMO) & tracking what I accomplish each day has added more structure to my life & gives me a check point when I get off track. I now start my day with my morning ritual and it brings my mind, body, & soul together to start another beautiful day.

Megan has an amazing talent to listen, ask questions, & understand situations without ever judging. She offers suggestions & tools that can help me through problems s or obstacles that has greatly improved my life. With Megan as my Yoga & Nidra & personal coach the last 2 years, my life has changed in wonderful ways.

Megan’s coaching really helps when you think life is getting busy. She has a talent to help us use tools to bring life into perspective & understand what is important. Now I am looking forward to living this beautiful life.

Cliff W.
Cliff W.

I was having a hard time with self love before doing coaching with Megan. This program has changed how I feel about myself. I have become more mindful of my own tendencies, thoughts, feelings, & life in general. This program made me aware of how mean or hard I was on myself. I now have learned how to be kind to myself & be patient.

This program has shown me to love & accept myself exactly as I am!

All the tools are easy & so helpful to use, but for me the most powerful one was creating an intention. My intention for this whole journey on a daily basis reminded me that I do love & accept myself, & I am more than worthy of LOVE.

Working with Megan was absolutely incredible! She is so loving & kind & she truly cares about you & your progress. Megan is reliable, non-judgmental & honest. She is amazing at what she does.

I would highly recommend this program because it truly is life changing! Megan has so much knowledge & is SO good at what she does. It gives you so many amazing tools to help you create the life you want, love, & modify the person that you are no matter your intention.

Now I want to continue to grow in this life & take the steps into boldly sharing this love.

Cali Ann T.
Cali Ann T.