Megan Welch Founder/Owner

Megan believes that when everyone in the world loves themselves, the world will be a place of healing and peace. Therefore, her mission is to be an example of love and teach others to do the same. 

Since 2012, Megan has been a yoga teacher and life coach, bringing a sense of play and depth to both. She embodies awareness and living with intention, teaching others to do the same through her example. As a self-proclaimed student of life, she is committed to learning for the rest of her days. Indeed, Megan’s greatest joy is personal development and growth! Along with yoga and coaching, she is excited to offer Reiki healing, Thai Yoga, and oracle readings. Book a session with her if you are ready to experience more joy, awareness, and expansion in your life!

In her personal life, Megan loves spending time with her family, rollerblading, camping, hiking, and being involved in community. 

our team

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meditation guide

Brenda Halbert is a passionate advocate for personal growth and wellness, guided by a deep
connection to nature and a lifetime of diverse experiences. With over 30 years of marriage and the
responsibility of raising three boys, Brenda now embraces the role of a loving grandparent, finding
inspiration in the beauty of life’s many seasons.
Brenda’s profound love for the outdoors, cultivated from a young age, led her to embrace activities
like camping, kayaking, and hiking in the mountains. These adventures not only fueled her spirit but
also instilled in her a profound appreciation for the natural world and the harmony it brings to our

Having spent much of her professional life in the human services field, Brenda’s heart gravitates
towards those often overlooked or underestimated. Both an underdog and a professional herself,
Brenda understands the power of resilience and empathy. Her desire to make a positive impact on
others’ journeys has drawn her towards guiding meditation.
Brenda’s journey towards wellness took her to the realms of yoga and the transformative practices it
offers. Through her exploration, she discovered Wellness for Wanders Yoga, a place that resonated
deeply with her. With a commitment to creating a nurturing and compassionate space, Brenda aims
to extend comfort to those grappling with life’s challenges.
In her role as a meditation guide , Brenda is a testament to the strength that comes from embracing
life’s twists and turns. Her genuine empathy, coupled with her profound love for nature and
commitment to personal growth, make her a beacon of support for those seeking solace and



barefoot ballroom instructor/ecstatic dance guide

Quayle “Q” M. Chew
(Pronounced: Kway-Lee)
They/them preferred – but he/him is fine

Born & raised here in the Uintah Basin. Q grew up on the Chew Ranch at the Foot of Split

Q fell in love with ballroom in their senior year of high school (2004-2005), attending 2 hour
classes twice a week. Then throughout their years (2005-2009/2011-2012) at Westminster
College in SLC, they served as “group exercise instructor”, sharing their love of social dance.
Q has been practicing and sharing their Hatha/Vinyasa fushion practice since first starting yoga
back in 2005. They’ve been actively practicing mindfulness and meditation practices since 2019.
Q is an ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide, as well as a NAI Certified Interpretive Guide.
Join them for a “Hike for the Health of it”, Forest Therapy Guided Walk, or a Survivalist
Workshop sometime.
They married their best friend, Jacob “Jake” L. Hunting, back in 2020. They live in Vernal, UT
with their two dogs & two cats.



yoga instructor


When I first started taking yoga I was looking for a fun class to tone up and gain a little more confidence. I was surprised when not only did I tone up a bit but I started noticing a peaceful inner strength growing as I practiced. I remember one of my earliest classes, taking Warrior 2 and thinking “Whoa! I’ve never felt this strength before!”. That inner strength led me to make changes in my life to be much happier, healthier and to find out what “I” truly loved.
Since then I have yearned to share that feeling with others. In 2021 I earned my 200 hr certification and have a passion for teaching classes that challenge my students while also leaving them feeling empowered.




Ayurveda Coach & Yoga Instructor

Karlee Stratton is one of our yoga instructors and also specializes in Ayurvedic wellness. She grew up dancing where she found her love for movement, creativity, and body awareness. In 2015, she completed her Ashtanga yoga teacher training and has been teaching ever since. She also completed her Ayurvedic health counselor training in 2019, where she learned many different techniques to teach others to bring balance into their own lives! She is passionate about supporting people and helping them on their journey to a healthy, happy, life! 



Vinyasa & Mindfulness Teacher

Sherry Brokaw is a wife to an amazing man, mother to 6+ children, and Yaya to one beautiful granddaughter. I love reading, crocheting, kayaking, being in nature, and spending time with my family. While I found Yoga over 20 years ago, I didn’t start practicing more regularly until about two years ago. I decided that I would get my yoga teacher certification, because they were finally offering it online. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I love teaching and practicing yoga, and love how much better I feel after doing it. I am a certified body talk practitioner, and I’m currently taking courses in mindfulness and foot zoning. I have also found and fell in love with Oracle cards and love doing readings for others. I feel truly blessed and honored to be at this amazing studio with these fantastic ladies.



sound healer
Since 2021 Ivory has been leading sound baths. Through this experience, she has had the pleasure of connecting with the amazing Wellness for Wanderers community and loves being a part of such a wonderful team! Her goal as a sound healer is to support others, and herself, in receiving a unique healing experience. As a caring mother passionate about connecting with nature, as well as embracing the challenge to grow, and living in alignment with the moon, she also sometimes hold special sound baths catered towards mothers, special cycles of the moon, and even cold exposure.She would love to see you join in on all the good vibrations.