When you want a place where you will feel at peace. Where you will find what you have lost. A place to help you find your balance. A safe place for growth. Wellness for Wanders Yoga is the place that welcomes you. Megan is such a kind caring soul that has created a place for all of this. Once you enter the doors you feel the stress worries and cares of the day melt away. And when you get a chance to meet Megan, her energy only brings you up.
-Nathaniel Searle
Finding this studio has been such a blessing! Wellness for Wanderers Yoga studio has such a clam and grounding presence. The instructors and variety of classes are incredible and I leave feeling relaxed and sore! The class times are accommodating to yogi's looking for early morning or late at night! I love going here! Megan has an extensive knowledge for guiding into a pose. She holds a welcoming, peaceful, and safe space for practicing. The details of aromatic and organization of space all contribute to a well rounded experience.
-Diana Phillips
I absolutely love Wellness for Wanderers! I can’t rave about it enough! The first time I went to a class I was welcome with open arms! Everyone was so kind and helpful! Going to classes here has become a vital staple to my self care! I love the teachers they are all so kind and amazing! Megan is an absolute gem!! So grateful for this place and all it has to offer!
- Kirsten R.
Wellness For Wanderers has truly been a Godsend for me. I’ve been in a low space for a couple of years, basically coasting through life, job, family, etc. I really enjoyed the first couple classes attended and bought a pass. I’ve tried almost every class they offer. I now am a proud membership owner because I LOVE IT HERE!!! All of the teachers are beautiful inside and out and have lifted me to a higher space. I’m able to do my energy work again, I’ve lost 20lbs, and I want to be better!! Thank you Megan, Sherry, Amanda, Karlee, Jessica, and Sam for being the lights that you are. You are helping to heal the world one soul at a time.
-Shandi Horrocks Perry
I couldn’t recommend Wellness for Wanderers enough! While I was pregnant I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give the prenatal yoga a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt right at home. There’s such an inviting vibe and there is excellent communication and support in all aspects. I’m looking forward to taking more classes in the near future!
-Danielle Brown

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